How to collaborate with clients on design projectsListen now (12 min) | In episode 21 of the podcast, I cover how to collaborate with clients on your design projects. This includes a sample workflow for a project, red flags to watch out for and how much you should be charging for your work. Recommended book of the week:
How to market your own productsListen now (9 min) | In episode 20 of the podcast, I go over how to market your own digital products. A big part of this is building your own personal…
Tips for successful freelancingListen now (4 min) | Are you looking for some of the secrets to becoming a successful freelance designer? In reality, they aren't really a huge secret…
Direct Design Systems - Lesson 14
Direct Design Systems - Lesson 13
Direct Design Systems - Lesson 12
In this lesson, I give a quick introduction to the Base Components section of the Direct Design Systems course. I cover what a base component is and how…
Direct Design Systems - Lesson 10
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